Better late than never, he said, trying to rationalize why it’s late

I don’t want to panic anyone, but I quit Twitter for around 14 hours yesterday. Deleted the whole account and everything. But I’m back today, so everyone can relax and resume their Christmas shopping.

Update on The Letter: the first mailing goes out Friday. It’s not the first letter, actually, it’s something else for subscribers. The first letter will go out the first week of January. With the holiday and a job search and several little irritations I’m dealing with I just couldn’t get it out before the holidays like I wanted to. But hey, starting off the new year with the first issue just feels right anyway. New year, the first issue in the first month. It will help me keep track of things easier too, the first issue being in the first month of the year, which makes more sense in my mind. Of course, this won’t matter when new subscribers sign up in the middle of the year, but it works out when I’m trying to rationalize why it’s late again.

In other news, I’m posting Christmas-related goodies over at Professor Barnhardt’s Journal for the rest of the month: old commercials, songs, ads, a little of this, a little of that. Take a look!

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