BREAKING NEWS: I have accidentally discovered the amount of Splenda to use in a cup of tea so it duplicates the flavor of sugar exactly. Unfortunately I don’t remember what that amount is. Developing….

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Patti Page made me buy a bag of potato chips the other day. I’m serious. The singer passed away and I posted a clip of her singing “Old Cape Cod,” which made me wonder in a tweet why Cape Cod Potato Chips had never used the song in their ads, which resulted in a reply from the company itself, which resulted in me saying to myself, “I haven’t had those chips in a while.” So I went to the store and bought some, and now I’m writing about it on my site.

This is how the Internet works.

Was “Old Cape Cod” her most famous song? I had always thought so, but most obits focus on “Tennessee Waltz” and “How Much Is That Doggie In the Window?” Is this just a regional thing, and I think that song is more famous because I’m from New England? I don’t think so. (“Tennessee Waltz” is rather regional too, you could say, and that is just across the board famous.) I think everyone knows “Old Cape Cod,” if you know Page. By the way, that wasn’t her real name. It was Clara Ann Fowler. She did a radio show where she played a character named Patti Page. The show was sponsored by Page Milk. And there you go.

Anyway, put on headphones and listen to “Old Cape Cod.” She really had one of the great voices.

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