7 Things

Random thoughts for a Monday morning, after waking up with an eye that feels like someone punched me while I was sleeping:

Watched an “expert” on television talking about the new Yahoo you-can’t-work-from-home rule. He said the CEO might be making a mistake because “there are less distractions at home and people get work done.” Less distractions at home? What planet does he live on? I don’t remember having a television, a couch, video games, and a refrigerator filled with food at the office.

Everyone talks about Cheetos and Cheez-Its and Cheese Nips. Cheez Doodles really are the forgotten snack of the cheese snack world.

I’ve never once had a glitch-free cell phone conversation. There is always some sort of problem: dropped calls, low battery, unable to hear the other person for some reason, a weird one second delay. It’s like using a pen that doesn’t work with every other word you write down.

ABC has already canceled Zero Hour after three episodes. Networks should just put a “Countdown to Cancellation” clock in the lower right hand corner.

Things we know about Goldfinger: 1. He’s the man. 2. Cold. 3. Has a Midas touch. 4. He loves gold. 5. He loves only gold. 6. HE LOVES GOOOOOOOOOOOOLD!

Slate says their new iPad app now has commenting. Oh, thank God. Because we can get by without that.

The other night I had a dream there were clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee…oh wait, I think the milk’s gone bad.

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