Lists: 2004 (?) – 2013

Dear​ Pop Culture Writers,​

Effective immediately, lists will no longer be required online.

Let’s face it, you had a terrific run! You did a GREAT job! Remember “Top 10 Sci-Fi Shows Of All-Time?” No, not that one, the other one. Or how about “10 Greatest Rock Bands?” That was awesome.​ We still remember “10 Worst Endings In Movie History” like it was yesterday. Actually, it was yesterday, the 79th time someone has made a list with that title.

Now, we know this isn’t going to be easy for you. When a writer has nothing to say – or wants to position himself in a certain way and come across as knowledgable and/or hip and/or contrarian – he will make a list. We’ve all done it. Everyone loves lists! Yay! But we’re looking for something from you that isn’t easy, that isn’t quick. Something that doesn’t simply invite readers to “leave a comment below with your picks!” to give the illusion that you’re building a “community” and that everyone’s opinions are equal. We’re looking for, well, writing.

There’s a new season of Arrested Development? What a great time for “10 Best Arrested Development Characters!” No.

Lists were great once, when not every web site and blog did them. When lists had an importance and gravitas because they were so rare and they were written by people who knew what they were talking about. Now everyone does lists, which means that none of them matter anymore. There are so many lists that expertise and meaning just get lost. Someone picks the “The 50 Best Sitcoms of All-Time,” which is fun to read until one month later when that other site does “The 50 Best Sitcoms of All-Time.” And guess what? It’s pretty much the same list! Seinfeld was great! LOL! SEO!!

So that’s the bad news. But it’s OK! There’s still plenty of things to write about. You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with if you just get out of that “list” state of mind. Essays, interviews, comics, features, fiction, you name it!

We are very excited to see what you come up with next. Here’s to a great future.

Thank you,

The Internet

P.S. We know you’ll be tempted to write a “10 Reasons Why Lists Still Matter!” post, but please…don’t.

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