This year I spent my 48th birthday the same exact way I spent numbers 45, 46, and 47: at home, watching movies, writing, surfing the web, reading, and eating things I probably shouldn’t eat (several slices of pizza, almost an entire red velvet cake). The pizza was washed down with Diet Pepsi, because I’m watching my weight. Add a few gin & tonics and it wasn’t the healthiest birthday celebration but birthdays aren’t really supposed to be healthy.

Finally saw Captain America (yes, I’m currently two years behind in my movie watching). I remember it got several negative reviews when it was released and I have to scratch my head. It’s the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen (up there with the Iron Man movies), and I’ll take movies like this (you know, actually fun) over the ultra-serious Batman epics any day. Good story, good cast, a great balance between character and special effects, and it was funny. What more do you want in a movie? (Haven’t seen The Avengers yet.)

I also watched the season 2 finale of Sherlock. No, not the CBS show, the brilliant PBS one with Star Trek Into Darkness villain Benedict Cumberbatch (which sounds like the name of a lost Dickens novel). For those of you who have seen it, please tell me how they’ll explain things in the season 3 opener. I have a feeling it’s going to be like those old serials in the 40s, where what we think happened didn’t really happen, and they’ll show it from another angle or show something Sherlock did that will explain things, something that would have been impossible for him to do considering we watched the entire scene unfold. (Yes, I’m trying to be vague in case you haven’t seen it, though at this point I don’t know why I should bother with something from last year). Will this be a cheat? Probably, but with something this high quality I won’t really care. And if they explain it without cheating…well, that will make me love this show even more.

I know Molly will be involved, but that’s all I’ve figured out.

HOLY COW THE LETTER IS COMING! Yes! If you’ve subscribed to the new monthly snail mail offering, it’s coming in two weeks. If you haven’t subscribed to the new monthly snail mail offering, it’s not coming in two weeks. So you should subscribe!

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