(Note: if you’re not interested in more talk about the weather, head on over to Professor Barnhardt’s Journal and see what ‘s new there.)

Is it possible to be changed by the weather? I don’t mean getting goosebumps when you’re really cold or sweating when you’re really hot. I mean is it possible for your mind/soul/DNA to actually be changed in some way? It has been so humid the past couple of weeks that I have noticed a profound difference between the way I feel in the summer and the way I feel in the fall/winter. My ambition, my outlook, my mood, maybe even time and space itself, has been crushed by this humidity.

The past day has been better, with temps in the 80s instead of 95-100 and the humidity pedal not pushed all the way to the floor. There’s a breeze coming in the front door once in a while that I can feel if I’m sitting in a certain place and the door is open at just the right angle. In a way it’s like when you’re sick. You walk around for a couple of days or a week with everything slightly “off” and hazy and then you feel better and things seem a little clearer, a little less dreary, a little more like you’re running in real time. But wait: as I type this I can feel the humidity creeping back, dew point by dew point, drip by drip. It’s saying, “this is just a little break in the action…you know you have August to get through still, right?”

I’m getting by with the help of four things: a fan, my knowledge that the summer will eventually end, iced tea, and Fresca, The Most Underrated Soft Drink in the World (TM?). Why isn’t there a massive new ad campaign for this drink, with a well-loved celebrity praising it and groups of people dancing and singing while holding a can or people laughing and running on the beach because they’re drinking Fresca and they have 0% body fat?? Why isn’t everyone on The Walking Dead drinking Fresca? Why doesn’t Howard Stern have a Fresca can in front of him on America’s Got Talent? Why isn’t every person making FrescaScapes on their computers?

I wonder if anyone has Fresca recipes? Yes…yes they do. (Update: here’s a post I did for Slashfood several years ago that has a few recipes, including in the comments section.)

3 thoughts on “Fresca

  1. Yes, the weather can affect you. It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and I have it too. Although most people feel it in the middle of February (the winter blues), others get it in the summer months.

    Symptoms of SAD include: difficulty waking up in the morning, morning sickness, tendency to oversleep and over eat, especially a craving for carbohydrates, a lack of energy, difficulty concentrating on or completing tasks, withdrawal from friends, family, and social activities, decreased sex drive and feelings of hopelessness.

    The fact that the heat gives me wicked migraines only makes summers more difficult to bear. Must move to a colder climate.

  2. Yup, I too get my “cabin fever” in the summer!

    I certainly have a lack of energy and don’t feel 100%, though thankfully I have no interest in overeating or stuffing on carbs. That sounds more like a winter thing.

    I wish I could just go down to the liquor store and live in their cooler for the next month.

  3. I have that problem with the humidity. Thank goodness I moved to the desert and it’s ‘usually’ not humid. The sun, dry air lift my mood and I love being outside (until it gets over 105 or so. lol).

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