17 Years!

This month marks 17 years I’ve had this site. Holy HTML, Batman!

I always use this time of year to post a brief summary for newcomers (here’s what I wrote last year). If you’re new to the site, hello and welcome! There are tons of archives for you to browse. If you’ve been reading the site for years, a hearty thank you.

I’m thinking about redesigning the site. I’m always thinking about redesigning the site. A web site design is never really done. It’s all temporary, depending on the mood or the season or how bored you are. The plan is to at some point go back to being a full web site, with a separate welcome page that will link to this blog and other sections. I’m even going to add a regular podcast.

But that’s the future, when we’ll all have jetpacks and eat colored pills for dinner and our brains are hooked up to the web wirelessly 24/7 and we’ll no longer have to type our tweets just think them. Let’s talk about the present, where it’s suddenly cold. And hot! This is the weird time of year, when you sit in front of a fan during the day but at night you wake up shivering and you have to grab a blanket. It’s supposed to be 90 on Wednesday and then 67 on Saturday. I can’t wait for the day when fall really locks in and the highs for every day is 67. And then 60. And then 55. And then 39. Those days can’t come soon enough. (Pants > shorts, hot tea > iced tea, early sunsets > late sunsets, fall TV > summer TV).

An update on The Letter: it will be in your mailboxes soon. New stuff up at PBJ too (that’s the pop culture blog/mag I update a couple of times a week), and you can read my 2003 essay collection Book, with Words and Pages for free.

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