Random thoughts on a (too) warm September evening


1. No interest in the new iPhones. I’d like to see Apple come out with a manual typewriter. Think about what would happen if they did. The typewriter would quickly go from a retro/nostalgic/niche item to the must-have tech item of the holiday season. They can even do them in different colors with the Apple logo on them. I’d buy three or four.

2. Saw the revamped monster cereals at the store today. Only a box each of Boo Berry, Frute Brute, Yummy Mummy, and Frankenberry (in fact they were completely out of a couple of those) but tons of Count Chocula. No one likes the Count? Maybe it’s because you can get that any time of year. He should watch out though. Remember what happened to Quake?

3. Funny quote from John Hodgman: “Newspapers thought people would want to pay money for information. But we now know from the Internet is what they really want is their own opinions fed back to them for free.”

4. I’m looking for work. Check out the About and Writing pages above for more info. And thanks!

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