New this fall!

Every fall season, something changes. Not just the leaves or what we wear for clothing or what we eat and drink, I mean TV and movies. That show you watched on Tuesday nights has suddenly switched to Thursday nights to make room for a new show. That movie that was supposed to premiere in October has been moved to January. It doesn’t mean that these moves are good or bad, they just happen.

This is my way of telling you that the first Letter will now be mailed out on October 1.

Why October 1? It will actually be ready before that, but I’ve picked October 1 because that also happens to be the anniversary of Professor Barnhardt’s Journal, which launched in 2002. So there will be a certain continuity there that pleases me, not to mention the fact that when you get older you forget when you started things.

Ideally I would wait until the first week of October to start everything: new sites, new publications, paying bills, taking showers. It would make everything a lot easier to remember.

Add your thoughts:

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