retrorocketSo I quit Twitter and started a monthly handwritten letter that will be sent via snail mail. I’m always on the cutting edge of technology.

Today marks the launch of The Letter! Here are the details on what it is, why I started it, and what I plan to do with it. Short version: we’re all so computer/smart phone consumed these days that we get very little mail delivered to our homes (except bills and ads) and I actually like sending letters and handwritten thank you notes that I thought, why not send a letter to readers?

It’s only $12.00 a year, which is only [gets out calculator…] $1.00 a month. Help save the post office! Order today! Makes a great gift! Exclamation points!

(Oh, by the way, today is also the 11th anniversary of my pop culture web mag/blog Professor Barnhardt’s Journal!)

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