Constant Comment

A housekeeping note: I noticed that many of the links in the writing archive no longer work, because AOL/Huffington Post, with the same wisdom that brought us Patch and an entire section devoted to sideboob shots, has decided to either change all of the links to stories the writers did in the past or delete them completely (see, which means much of that work is gone forever. The TV Squad links no longer forward to HuffPo TV, and the Slashfood link now goes to the front page of something called Kitchen Daily, which is apparently part of HuffPo Food, as far as I can tell. Bear with me while I hunt down the new links and REDO EVERYTHING DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT.

(LATER) What a clusteryou-know-what. I can’t find the pages, not at HuffPo or Kitchen Daily or even the magical Internet Wayback Machine, which still has articles I wrote on my own site back in 1996 but for some reason not something I wrote four years ago for a major web company. So this is either going to be a very long project to somehow find the articles online (Google might have them in their cache) I still want to link to, or I just say the hell with it and not include them in the archive. (If there’s one good thing about the articles not being online anymore is that the comment sections went with them.)

Thanks, Arianna. The moral to this story: print out everything. Back up EVERYTHING. Back it up!

They say things last on the Internet forever. Which is very true. Until they don’t anymore.

In other news, it’s cold (what, you thought you were going to get through a post without me mentioning the weather?). This isn’t a complaint, it’s pure happiness (I hate the heat, love the cold, etc). The warm days are over so I’ve started drinking hot tea again and I’ve noticed something interesting: I don’t like tea anymore.

Well, OK, that’s not entirely true. Loose tea is fine but supermarket tea bags are the worst. I’m reminded that when you use really weak, lame tea bags – which pretty much describes all tea bags you can buy at the supermarket – what you really like is the massive amounts of milk and sugar you put in it. If I want tea and there’s no loose stuff in the house I make chai, something I discovered at Border’s Books and drank so much of the barista there was actually worried for my health. And it has to be the sweeter chai (vanilla, caramel) and not the spicy (cinnamon, pepper, cardamom). The former is fantastic and the latter is…well…

…I tried one called “spiced chai,” and it tasted like rusty water drained through old gym socks (with cinnamon). Earl Grey? I like it, but after one cup I start to gag because the flavor just…well, it gets to you. (I don’t know how Jean-Luc Picard drank so much of it. Maybe they do something to tea in the future?) Flavored teas are a mixed bag, but I like Constant Comment, the Bigelow orange tea that’s been around since the 40s (click that link for a video on the tea’s history). But I’ve written about tea so many times before that I’ll stop here.

So, to summarize: Comment sections bad, Constant Comment good!

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