Happy New Year (and one last look at this one)

I don’t remember the last time I went out on New Year’s Eve. I don’t mean that in a casual “I really would remember it if I just thought about it for a few minutes but it’s been so long that I might as well say I don’t remember” sort of way. I actually don’t remember. Have I ever gone out on New Year’s Eve? I probably have but when that night was completely escapes me. I’m assuming it was pre-Clinton era.

Tonight’s the same: staying in, a few DVDs, maybe a few drinks.

As sort of a 2013 in review, here are several posts from the past year that I like. If you missed them I hope you like them (and if you’ve read them already, well, I hope you liked them enough to read again).

Lists: 2004(?) – 2013

Even a rocket scientist can be a great mom and cook

A check for bananas

If we’re going to have comment sections, here’s how to do it

Do you suffer from Smartphone Derangement Disorder?

They’re taking down the cows


Seriously, no more lists!


Meet the Jetsons

What time is it?

Baby, it’s cold outside (and I feel fine)

Happy New Year. See you in 2014.

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