Blue Monday

Today is the most depressing day of the year.

That’s not personal opinion. It’s SCIENCE (TM)! Apparently the first full day back at work after the holidays is when most people feel the most depressed. These researchers also say this day is when people send out the most negative tweets, which makes me feel sad (not about the negative tweets, I mean the people who have to research this sort of thing).

To this I say, hogwash! Also: fiddlesticks! There is no “most depressing day of the year,” at least not in the general sense. If you lose your job or you’re sick with the flu or you break up with your significant other, sure, that’s depressing, but that’s on a personal level. The first day back at work? Eh. The day after Christmas is probably worse because you can feel the holidays are on their way out. But January 6? Feels like Monday to me.

On a related note, it’s astonishing how fast the supermarket gets rid of all of the holiday candy and other items. The day after Christmas I went to the store and all of the red and green festive candy was already off the shelves, replaced by Valentine’s Day hearts and boxes of chocolate. Go away, Christmas, we’ve already moved on to the next holiday!

Mailed the third Letter on Friday so you should be getting it in the next day or two.

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