Completely Random

1. As I’ve mentioned on this site approximately 744 times, I love winter. I love the cold. I love snow. But enough is enough. I usually get sick of it around the beginning of March, but this year it has gotten to me a couple weeks earlier. Snow is beautiful until it stays on the side of the road for weeks on end, getting all black from dirt and street grime, filled with candy wrappers and soda cans. Last week there was a giant icicle hanging from the roof, ready to fall off and impale someone a la the metal pole getting the priest in The Omen.

2. Things we no longer need to see on local news: stories about how sitting at your desk could kill you, photos of snow-covered patio furniture, viral videos, commercials for what the same exact channel is going to have on the news the very next morning (the same stories you’re watching now), what Justin Bieber is up to, the newest Apple product release, movie box office results.

3. People in cottage cheese commercials seem so happy, like they don’t even realize what they’re eating is disgusting.

Even in the 50s it wasn’t that appetizing. In a sandwich? With maple syrup?? I guess anything that covers up the actual cottage cheese is better than eating it plain.

4. I like writing with paper and pen, drinking tea, staying in on Friday nights, reading cooking magazines, and watching black and white movies on TCM. Apparently I’m a 71 year-old grandmother who likes to knit. All that’s missing is a cat.

5. The February Letter is coming next week. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you should! Get two! Send one to a friend!

6. “Reality television” is usually neither.

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