If you checked the site over the weekend you may have noticed that I changed the template drastically. If you’re just checking the site again after several days away you don’t notice any change at all. And if you’re reading this in the archives a year from now when the design has probably changed yet again you have absolutely no idea what this current design is anyway so forget I mentioned anything.

I changed it back to what I had before. The new design was too…something. Solid but dull. I usually choose traditional over funky, personal over a business look, the classic over the colorful. Translation: I like a lot of black and white, so it almost looks like print.

Good weekend. Ordinary weekend. Went to the supermarket, which isn’t a surprise because I seem to go to the supermarket at least 4 or 5 days a week. I still don’t know how this is possible. I don’t have four kids, I’m not buying enough supplies to put in my bomb shelter for the apocalypse, and I don’t even forget to buy something the first trip, forcing me to go back. I just need to go to the supermarket four or five times a week, every single week.

Other than that, the weekend was spent working on Letter #5 (it will be in your mailboxes at the end of the week). Oh, and also dealing with the thing I hinted at last time. I don’t mean to be coy (he said, coyly), it’s just something that I’m writing about in that Letter and I don’t want to repeat it here (trying not to repeat anything in both places). I talk about things in the Letter that you won’t even know about here.

Solution? Subscribe!

Oh, one more thing from this weekend: the Olympics ended. I think I watched maybe 4 minutes total. Just no interest in skiing or figure skating or bobsledding (though I probably should since you don’t see many sporting events with your name in them). It also knocked The Blacklist off the schedule for a couple of weeks, which took work away from me (I’m reviewing it every week for Review of tonight’s episode will be up tomorrow morning here.

I’d write more, but I have to go to the store again.

2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. You really go to the grocery store that much? Wow. I hit the Hannafords maybe once or twice a month, and then usually just to restock/pick up more fresh goods. Have you considered trying a food subscription service? I don’t know if you cook much, but my favorites are and All of the ingredients/recipes are delivered to my home. I just need to keep the staples in house. Very handy. If you’re interested in giving them a try, I’ll send you a coupon.

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