Everyone is talking about this today:

Watching it last night I actually said “Holy shit!” out loud. No one else was around but I said it out loud anyway.

Back in the 1990s, I solved a Wheel of Fortune puzzle at the start of the game, when no letters had even been revealed. I don’t remember what the puzzle was, but it was actually somewhat easy to solve because of the combination of the clue they gave and the fact I was a regular watcher of the show. But the above is even more impressive. Not only could the letters “NE” possibly point you in a wrong direction, when was the last time the phrase “New Baby Buggy” was even used? Is that even something you would know, even if you could figure out the “NEW?” How would that even be one of your guesses, let alone your first guess? This is one gifted guy. Even the judges didn’t display the whole puzzle at first (notice the slight delay) because they probably couldn’t believe it either.

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