Spring cleaning

The change of seasons – and I say that with full knowledge that a major snowstorm might hit us in a couple of days – means we organize and clean and change things around in our lives. We straighten out those closets and we cut our hair and redesign our web sites and we start/end things in our lives we think we should start/end. I even flirted with getting rid of PBJ but then finally realized (with the help of a few regular readers) that I not only like updating that blog and it serves as an extension of this site, my decision to end it had more to do with a general malaise and frustration that came about because I was looking at the site stats too much. I quickly tossed that aside because you’ll notice that PBJ is still in the menu above. So please bookmark it and make it a regular stop on your web travels!

My big project this week was going through all of the various Rubbermaid containers filled with books and DVDs that clutter decorate the margins of my living room. And it’s a good thing I did too. Buried at the bottom of some of those containers were three different books I was thinking of buying. Yes, I completely forgot that I had already bought these books a few years ago. I’ve placed those books on my coffee table to remind myself of two things: “hey, you own these books so you don’t have to buy them again” and “hey, you should read these books.”

After moving things around and giving some books away and tossing some others, I still have the same number of containers but now there’s more room inside of them to, well, place more books and DVDs. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

My next spring cleaning project is to organize my “bedroom” (in quotes because there isn’t even room for a bed in there). But before that next spring cleaning project I have to go to the store. To buy some rock salt.

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