A Letterman prediction

I have no idea who will replace David Letterman when he retires in 2015. Could it be Stephen Colbert? Sure. Craig Ferguson? Unlikely but possible I guess. Ellen DeGeneres? Tina Fey? Jerry Seinfeld? Conan O’Brien? Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe. (But can we take Chelsea Handler and Howard Stern out of the discussion, please? Handler is too out of the box for CBS and the network isn’t going to get Stern, who is in his 60s, too expensive, and could badmouth the network or want to bolt at any second).

The one prediction I will make is this: Jay Leno will appear on the show before Letterman ends his run. If that doesn’t happen it would be astonishing. With both Dave and Jay gone, it would make for a nice bookend to the history of the late night wars.

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