Yesterday was my 49th birthday. Now, I’ve never been very good at math, but according to my calculations, 49 is only one year away from 50. BUT THIS CAN’T POSSIBLY BE RIGHT.

I celebrated the day the way I’ve celebrated every birthday for the past 15 years or so: at home, watching TV alone, reading, and drinking alcohol (this year: Sam Adams Summer Ale). Oh, and cake! Red Velvet, which is quickly becoming a tradition. Any day that includes beer and cake at some point is usually a good day.

I also donned my headphones and listened to a ton of music I haven’t listened to in a while. I’ve become obsessed with The Grass Roots. I’ve always “liked” them – a band I thought was good but not one I would think about too much or decide to go out and buy all of their albums – but I’m now of the opinion they were one of the great bands in pop/rock history. The vocals, the melodies, the way the horns have a way of both lifting you up and driving you forward. Put your own headphones on and listen to this:

If I were to list my 10 favorite songs of all-time, that would be one of them. I could listen to The Grass Roots all day long. And yesterday I’m pretty sure I did.

I also did some serious things. I made some hard decisions about my career and my life in general, the things I have to do and the things I shouldn’t do anymore and the things I shouldn’t have done in the first place. I guess when you are rapidly approaching the half-century mark in age these things come into sharper focus, with a power they never had before. This is a good thing. And it was a good birthday.

I wrote a piece for Esquire, if you missed it last week, and I’m working on a podcast which will launch late summer. I have a fantastic first guest lined up.

Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “49

    1. Yup. He wasn’t around for Temptation Eyes but he was on their first few albums (on songs like Midnight Confessions, The River is Wide and Live For Today). I think they mentioned his character on The Office was also a member of The Grass Roots?

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