Things I’ve done you probably haven’t

This is actually a post I did a while back but accidentally deleted. At the time there was a meme going around online, “Things I’ve Done You Probably Haven’t,” and lots of people were making lists. I made a list too. Here’s what I wrote (with a couple new additions):

Was an extra on Wings
Accidentally punched a nun
Once drank Zarex* straight, no water
Got dragged into a bar fight involving the lead singer of The Smithereens
Juggled a loaf of Wonder Bread, an orange, and a piece of hard candy
Interviewed Frank Zappa
Stole a bunch of street signs (while drunk)
Got hit in the head with rocks three different times before the age of 10
Got talked about by Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today
Had sex in a cemetery

How about you?

* A fruit drink you mixed with water. Sort of like Kool-Aid, only in liquid form. Saw an ad for it on TV when I was around 9 or 10 and rushed to the store. Had no idea you had to mix it with water first. Like chugging cough syrup. It made a comeback recently and is available again.

One thought on “Things I’ve done you probably haven’t

  1. Thank for remembering ZA-REX made since 1912 and yes we are coming back. Generations tell us about their memories with ZA-REX. Thanks for mentioning our name we appreciate the help.
    Sonny Dove Co Owner ZA-REX USA LLC

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