And so this is summer

This was the first day this season where the weather punched you in the face and said in a loud voice, THIS IS SUMMER. DEAL WITH IT. It was humid, sticky, and gross.

As I get older I’m trying to like summer more, I really am. But it’s not easy. There are some things I like about summer: watching tennis, watching baseball, the switch to cold drinks and being able to keep the windows and door open to get a nice breeze going. And I’m a New Englander, so I actually like the change of the seasons.

But my God, when July rolls around and the humidity settles in for two months – and you haven’t had A/C in 20 years because of the way your windows and furniture are configured – it not only exhausts you it actually hurts your spirit a little. It grinds at your body and your mind and doesn’t let up until Labor Day.

This was the kind of day where we need something I mentioned on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and with a little digging I actually found a recipe: GIN AND TONIC POPSICLES.

An announcement: I can probably mention this now since the details have been worked out. Later this month I start writing a new weekly column for The Saturday Evening Post. And before you say it, yes, it’s still around! More details on when you’ll be able to read the column will be posted in a couple of weeks.

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