My favorite album of all-time

I was going through the Professor Barnhardt’s Journal archives the other day and I came across a theme issue we did back in 2003. I asked people to list their favorite songs of the past 25 years. And that got me thinking: what’s my favorite album of all-time? I was wondering if I could narrow it down to one. I discovered that it was actually very easy.











Yeah, that’s right, The Partridge Family’s Sound Magazine. You got a problem with that?

Now, some are going to say that I’m picking this album “ironically” or maybe I’m picking it out of misguided nostalgia. Not at all (and I don’t know why people think that way about music or TV shows or art). It’s a gorgeously produced album chock full of catchy, meaty pop songs. And David Cassidy has one of the best voices in music history.

Seriously. Get the album, put on your headphones and close your eyes. Tell me that songs like “Echo Valley 2-6809” and “Summer Days” and “Twenty-Four Hours A Day” and “I’m On My Way Back Home” aren’t supernaturally beautiful pop:

Great stuff. In fact, if you buy this album and also Playlist, The Partridge Family’s greatest hits album, right there you have the best pop music of the 70s.

What’s your favorite album of all-time? The one album you absolutely love and can’t do without no matter what (and don’t pick a greatest hits album – that’s cheating!)?

7 thoughts on “My favorite album of all-time

  1. This is definitely one of my favorites too, Bob! My parents got this album for my sister and me back in 1971 and we played it so often, I think we wore out the grooves! I recently found my matching CD and have been listening to it in my car. Great tunes, arrangements and of course, David’s voice!

    1. My sister and I used to go down to the corner store every Friday night and get a big bag of junk food and watch The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family from 8 to 9. That’s one of my favorite memories.

  2. Although I agree that the Partridge Family Sound Magazine is a great album (although I don’t remember the cover looking like that, maybe I had a different edition) it would not be my all time favorite album. My favorite album changes from day to day, but my all time favorite album for today anyway is Frank Zappa’s Grand Wazoo. Loving the songs “Eat that question” and “For Calvin and his next two hitch hikers”.

      1. I could give you credit for turning me on to Robyn Hitchcock or John Wesley Harding as either could be have my favorite album on a given day.

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