Five more things about media and technology right now

A follow-up to this post.

1. Please note the word “self” in the word “selfie.” That means you have to actually take a picture of yourself with your own hands for it to be considered this. If someone else takes a picture of you, even if they put it on social media and it has a hashtag, it’s not a “selfie.” This is called “taking a picture.”

(Side note: let’s stop using the word “selfie.”)

2. Someone asked me what my favorite app is and I said “pen and paper.”

3. If you complain about clickbait or gossipy headlines or “you won’t believe!” links, and then you actually click on them, then it’s your fault we have them in the first place. That’s how it works. The more we click on them the more popular they’ll be and the more we’ll see.

4. Weather is the clickbait of television. Unless there’s a massive snowstorm/hurricane/power outage, the weather should never, ever be one of the top three stories on the news. But now it’s always one of the top stories on each of the local newscasts, even if it’s 70 degrees and partly sunny. Yes, yes, they do it to get viewer attention at the top and to compete with other stations and other reasons, but it has gotten insane. For every half hour local newscast, weather takes up several minutes of airtime and three different segments of the show: at the top, during the regular weather segment in the middle of the show, and then “one last look at the weather!” at the end of the show. (And the rest of the half hour is taken up by viral videos and promos for what’s coming up later on the news. Oh and some news too.)

5. It’s spelled W-H-O-A. Not “woah” and certainly not “woha.”