Jan Hooks

First, a big hello to everyone who visited the site after Jim Romenesko linked to my post from earlier this week. Always nice to see an increase in traffic and have to wonder, why am I getting so many visitors?

Second, a word about Jan Hooks, who died yesterday at age 57. Fans of Saturday Night Live always look at me funny when I say I prefer the Hartman/Carvey/Hooks/Dunn/Miller years to the Aykroyd/Belushi/Murray/Radner years, but I do. Not that the latter was bad. I watched SNL back then and it was great. But what you like in pop culture is very much influenced by what age you are when you experience it. I was 10 when SNL premiered but in my 20s when Hartman and company joined the show, and I just like and connect with what they did a lot more.

I always thought she was somewhat underrated, so it’s good to hear so many great remembrances of her. I think she should be listed among the SNL greats whenever those lists are made.

Here are a few sketches with Hooks.

The Sweeney Sisters always made me laugh.

Hooks as Sinead O’Connor. I’ve always loved this sketch.

Here she does a fantastic impression of Eleanor Clift.

Here’s Hooks as Diane Sawyer (and Tom Hanks as Peter Jennings!)

And this isn’t funny at all but it’s really sweet (and sad now that both Hooks and Hartman are gone).

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