Trouble with grandma

I’m mad at Grandma. Not my grandma (I don’t even think I ever met any of my grandparents) but the Grandma who makes the many treats I see in a new display at the supermarket. Take a look at this box and tell me what’s in the package:








I love all things red velvet and I love cupcakes so I bought them. I noticed when I got home that they’re not cupcakes, they’re cookies! Yes, yes, I see that it says “frosted cookies” under the brand name, but isn’t your eye drawn to the cupcake that’s front and center? There’s a cookie there too next to it but it doesn’t even look like a cookie to me, just a mass of…frosting or something white splattered on the page. It’s the cupcake that stands out.

Why even have a cupcake on the box if they’re cookies? Sure, red velvet cupcakes exist and you want to convey that fact that this box contains cookies that have the flavor of red velvet. But cupcakes aren’t the universal symbol for red velvet, it’s cake, isn’t it? So why not have a red velvet cake on the front? No one’s going to think there’s a cake in the box (though even this could be confusing because they could always put mini-cakes in the box). Besides, aren’t cupcakes over? I thought we were all talking about pretzel bread now.

It’s not like the cookies are banana flavored and the company would put a banana on the front to symbolize banana flavor. No one’s going to think there are actual bananas inside the box. But you put a clear picture of a cupcake on a box that’s the same size a cupcake box would be, then people could naturally assume there’s a cupcake inside.

I haven’t tried them yet. Maybe they’ll be so delicious that I’ll forgive Grandma, but I just wanted to warn you about the possible confusion. This has been a public service announcement.

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