Mule Trends

Today was the day to mail the Christmas cards, and on the way back from the post office I decided to stop off at the supermarket to get a few things. Actually, more than a few things. I quickly wrote out a list:

liquid soap
mule trends
paper towels
peanut butter
BBQ sauce

Wait a second…mule trends?

When I jot things down quickly my handwriting is indecipherable to anyone but me. I’m usually pretty good at reading my own writing. Even if I can’t make out all the letters a couple of important letters will be easy to read and I can figure out the rest.

Mule trends. No idea.

I tried a bunch of word combinations to see if something rang a bell:

Mole Treats?
Meat Trucks?
Mess Times?
Mute Teams?

When I got home – just as I was going up the stairs with the groceries – I realized what it was.


And I need them. So now I have to go back to the store tomorrow. Sigh.

New column up at The Saturday Evening Post. Have a great weekend.

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