Back to the Present

Wanna feel old?

Back To The Future was on television earlier today. In the movie Marty travels waaaaaaay back in time, 30 years, from 1985 to 1955 and has to make sure his parents get together so he’s born. The 50s were so different than the 80s: the clothing, the music, the cars, the way teens acted! 1985 was so much more modern, and 1955 was such a long, long time ago, wasn’t it? When our parents were young!

It’s now 2015, which means that the year the movie came out – 1985 – is as far from now as 1955 was from 1985. Let that sink in a moment.

Also, the sequel has Marty traveling waaaaaay into the future 30 years. All the way to…2015! Oooooo, so futuristic! We don’t have hoverboards yet (or double neckties for men, thankfully) but they got no-hands video games and TVs on the wall and video chats and holograms and cameras/advertising that are everywhere right. There’s even a scene where Biff pays for a taxi ride by just pressing his thumbprint on a portable device (the Cubs still haven’t won a title though).

Happy New Year! God, it seems like Christmas was a month ago, doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s me, because I didn’t have a tree or decorations and there wasn’t any snow and everything shifted back to normal on, well, December 26th. Last night I did what I do pretty much every night – wrote a bit, watched TV, read a bit – only with a couple of gin and tonics added because it was New Year’s Eve.

The Letter is coming. Since the end of December came quicker than I thought it would I decided to make the next one a January letter, to start off the new year (one of my resolutions is to get The Letter out on time every month). Look for it next week. Thanks!

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