And here are five more things about media and technology right now

(Somehow this has become a regular series. Here are part 1 and part 2.)

1. Jeff Jarvis seems like a smart guy, so why does he say so many things that make you scratch your head? In his latest for Medium, he talks about how TV news is broken. Especially local news, and I agree with him (especially about all the non-stop weather coverage, which I’ve talked about here before). So far, so good. But among his many cures for what’s ailing TV news is this:

Picture, if you will, Wolf Blitzer’s gigantic CNN Situation Room video wall filled by Brady Bunch boxes with someone in each square. Imagine that below their faces are their latest tweets, so we can see what each has to say. Now imagine that a host — Wolf perhaps — can point to any of those people so we can hear their views. Or fire Wolf and let the audience take over, deciding who should be heard from next.

Yes, let’s just give all of our news over to people with smart phones. Oh, I’m sorry, CITIZEN JOURNALISTS. Let’s just get rid of journalists completely and replace them with a wall of screens showing people’s tweets. It’s every horrifying vision of the future of media you see in sci-fi stories and comedy movies. And people say Aaron Sorkin was off base in his criticisms of TV news.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to have to rely on people who can’t even hold their phones in landscape mode instead of portrait when they’re shooting video.

2. It reminds me of people who keep saying that they don’t get their news from TV or newspapers any more because they “get all their news from Twitter and Facebook.” Do Twitter and Facebook have their own news divisions? The news and links you’re seeing on social media are going to news organizations and other news outlets. Unless you imagine a utopia where the “news” you’re getting is on blogs that agree with your viewpoints anyway.

3. I’m probably not going to buy an Apple Watch, though I admire the Dick Tracy-ness of it. What I would like to see next from Apple is a series of manual typewriters (in 6 colors!). I don’t mean electronic typewriters or word processors. I mean old-fashioned manual typewriters, designed with quality, built to last, with the Apple logo on each one. Instantly, overnight, manual typewriters would become the new must-have thing.

4. I don’t know what hell looks like, but I’m pretty sure it’s an endless loop of Toyotathon commercials.

5. After reading my essay about social media, someone sent me an e-mail telling me that I shouldn’t quit Twitter. “Don’t you know you’re going to miss a lot?!” she asked.

God, I hope so.