We’re supposed to get a lot of snow late Monday night/early Tuesday. They’re actually using the words “destructive,” “crushed,” and “life-threatening travel.” I don’t know if they’ve given it an official name yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be called SNOWOCAPLYPSE OR BLIZZARDARAMA or HELLSNOW 2014 2015. Or maybe in the language of the week we can call it SNOWGATE.

Of course, meteorologists can’t just give us the forecast anymore. They have to take several minutes to talk about the various “computer models” that give 47 different scenarios for what could happen (I think it’s a way of covering their asses if they’re wrong – “hey, it was one of the things we predicted!”) They seem to think the more information they give us the better, and that we’re all interested in jetstreams and polar vortexes. Just tell me if I need an umbrella. One guy says one model shows we’re going to get 29 inches. Another model says we’re going to get 18. Yet another model says we’re going to get around 12.

I’m pretty sure I could have given that same exact forecast, sitting on my couch in my sweatpants drinking tea, looking out the window once in a while. I’m still not convinced the fancy “weather centers” are anymore reliable than the guys who used to do the weather with chalk and weather maps they pulled out of the wall by hand. And they didn’t remind me 5 times every newscast to DOWNLOAD OUR WEATHER APP. But it looks like we will get a good amount. I’m glad the snow and ice is gone from yesterday’s storm. All stocked up with hot cocoa and rock salt – the most important of blizzard provisions – so I’m ready.

Bing, Rosemary, Vera, and Danny are ready too.