Snow! (Part 2)

As longtime readers of this site probably know, I love the cold and winter. But there comes a point where even the most diehard fan of the snow reaches a breaking point. I call that point “RIGHT NOW.”

We got 31 inches last week. Today we got around a foot. That’s a record for one week around here. There’s no place to put it. I have a long staircase I have to shovel, and when I got to the end of the stairs today and encountered a drift of snow about 3 feet tall and 15 feet long – formed due to the placement of the stairs between two buildings, the wind piling up the white in a small area – I just sighed heavily. It was one of those times I wished I had the powers of Jeannie or Samantha Stevens, where I could just blink or twitch the snow away and leave a clear path to the street. I’d even take the powers of one of Samantha’s addled aunts, the ones who could never do a spell correctly. Sure, the snow probably would have been transported to Florida accidentally or maybe turned into Napoleon, but both of those things I could handle (Napoleon was short and I think I could have taken him).

More snow this Thursday.

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