25 turning 25

1990 was a fun year for me. I was living with my best friend and a few other friends in a condo out of town. They were all in college and I, well, wasn’t. But I got to live a little bit like a college student: eating way too much pizza and subs (we ordered so much from the place we actually sent them a Christmas card that year), playing tennis several times a week, playing Risk on computer, drinking, watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Simpsons. We even put out a music magazine (which I still have to upload to this site at some point). I think there was a meme on the web several years ago where people would pick the favorite years of their lives. 1990 would definitely be one of mine.

That was 25 years ago. God, 25 years. In some ways 1990 still seems so futuristic, but it was actually a very long time ago and we’re all old. Here’s my latest for Esquire, where I list 25 movies that turn 25 this year.

The Liam Neeson GIF makes me laugh.

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