pringlesfrenchoniondipI bought some French onion dip potato chips the other day. (Wow, there’s a thrilling opening for a blog entry). Specifically, Pringles French Onion Dip Potato Crisps (years ago the USDA said they can’t call them “chips”). Here’s the can.

Anyone else find this image disturbing? You mean to tell me that two Pringles potato crisps go out to eat at a cafe – I don’t really understand how they can even do this since they seem to not have legs, arms, a mouth or pockets to keep their money in) – and they order French onion dip? There’s no other food on the table, so what, they dip themselves into the dip and eat themselves? Do these crisps live in our world and the other cafe patrons are human and everyone is staring at them, or are we supposed to imagine a world where it’s all potato crisp people, driving their potato crisp cars and having potato crisp babies (I really don’t want to know how that would work)? And these potato crisp people eat foods like dip that are designed to be eaten with potato crisps?

I don’t think this scenario was thought through all the way. It’s like those M&Ms ads that feature walking, talking M&Ms that encourage you to eat them.

And if all this isn’t disturbing enough, I bought some Goobers at the store the other day (that’s not the disturbing part, unless you don’t like Goobers). The woman at the checkout told me that her little brother licks all of the chocolate off of them and then puts the peanuts into the peanut bowl. Remember that the next time you’re over someone’s house and they have kids and they have a bowl of peanuts on the table.

The next Letter is going out Monday. Have a great weekend.

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