March is the new February

Yeah, I know, you never received February’s issue of The Letter (if I can even call them “issues”). I had planned to get one out at the end of February but I had a technical problem with the super-sophisticated software that produces each letter and there was a production mishap at the plant in California that delayed things (actually, I simply forgot to do it but the other excuses sound much more impressive). So the next letter will be for March and you should have it next week. We’ll be back on a monthly schedule again with this letter.

In the meantime, go over to my friend Jennifer Armstrong’s site and read her great how-to on the business of being a freelance writer (with a guest appearance by yours truly) as well as her follow-up on the economics of writing books. And speaking of books, buy her book that takes a look behind the scenes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted. A really great read.

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