Random thoughts

1. Twitter has gotten rid of their 140-character limit on direct messages. Yeah, I remember when this was called “e-mail.”

2. At the supermarket last week I was pushing my cart down an aisle when I saw an attractive woman in front of me. Just then a guy comes around the corner into the aisle and makes the wolf whistle sound towards her, so she’s obviously his girlfriend or wife. She kinda laughed and shook her head and said “what are you doing?” in that playful way couples do, wondering why he was acting like a goofball. For a split second I thought of saying to her, “oh, he’s doing that for me,” but I stopped myself because I didn’t know them and who knows how they would take it. Just then, he points to me and says to her “oh no, that was for him.” We laughed.

3. I don’t go to the movies as much as I’d like to (I think I’ve been once in the past three years), but I’ll be in line first day to see this:

4. I have a theory that people are dumber/lazier/more irritating during the summer. Discuss.

5. Peg Lynch passed away a few weeks ago in Massachusetts at the age of 98. If you don’t know who she is, she pretty much invented the sitcom. She was an amazing woman who not only starred in her radio and TV shows but also wrote all of them – thousands of scripts – without the help of a staff. One of my heroes. Here’s her official site, run by her daughter, and her NYT obituary.

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