First: I have another new piece up at The AV Club, about one of my favorite shows, Magnum, P.I. And of course there’s my column at The Saturday Evening Post. This week I talk about Peanuts, tattoos, the Apple Watch, and candy bars that insult you.

I’ve read two different pieces this week from people who hate fall. And one of them actually used that word too, “hate” (the other said it’s “the worst season,” which is just another phrase meaning the same thing). While everyone is entitled to their own opinion and they’re free to think what they want to think, these people are what I like to call “wrong.”

I mean, how can you not like fall (unless you’re young and have to go back to school – if you don’t like school, that is)? Is it the reasonable, comfortable temperatures? Is it the lack of suffocating humidity? Is it the new TV shows? The better movies? The great holidays? The apples? The increase in clothing options? The switch from laziness to ambition? Were you once attacked by a large pumpkin spiced latte and now the very thought of an October in Starbucks gives you horrifying flashbacks?

One of these people actually said that one of the reasons they hate fall is because it leads to a cold, snowy winter. So I guess they don’t like summer either, because it leads to fall, which they hate. If I’m following the logic correctly.

Have a great weekend! Next Letter is coming October 5. It’s the first one of the fall, you know.

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