Completely Random

1. The irritating thing about being fired from a writing job is that I have to update my bio page again.

2. The problem with going back in time to kill baby Hitler – the problem with all time-travel scenarios including Back to the Future and Star Trek – is that if you go back in time and change history, then that thing didn’t happen, and if it didn’t happen, how did you know to go back in time to do it in the first place? Here’s my favorite take on the subject:

I know, I know, blah blah parallel timelines, blah blah multiverses. If that’s your argument, well, that’s what the comment section is for.

3. The other day someone on the street asked me for 29 cents. Not a quarter, not 30 cents, exactly 29. My first thought was maybe they wanted to buy something and they were exactly 29 cents short and didn’t want to be greedy. But now I’m thinking he knew people wouldn’t have 29 cents and would just give him a couple of quarters or a buck. Street psychology.

4. Does anyone else love this time of year, when it gets dark early? I seem to be in the minority but I love it when it gets dark at 4:30. The sun going down at 9 just makes me depressed for some reason, and I’m well aware that’s the opposite of how most people feel.

5. Reminder: I have a new piece in the print edition of The Saturday Evening Post.

2 thoughts on “Completely Random

  1. I’m told by police that panhandlers who ask for an odd amount, like 29 cents, just want you to pull a wallet out of your pocket or purse. Once you do, they can see the number of bills you have, and will often signal to a pickpocketing partner to lift your wallet during a bump if there’s a decent wad cash or a stack of credit cards. So unless you keep change in your pocket, don’t reach for your wallet and show thieves where you keep it. Just donate to organizations that help the poor and homeless.

    And as for the darkness, I’m so with you. I love it.

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