I swear I had planned to have the next Letter out before Thanksgiving. I swear to you. I even had a great Thanksgiving-ish recipe that I was going to include with it (courtesy of Vincent Price, of all people). But now I’ll have to include that recipe in the Christmas letter. Luckily most Thanksgiving dishes can be switched over to Christmas without anyone knowing (though the opposite isn’t always true – if you show up at someone’s house on Thanksgiving with cookies in the shape of Santa Claus people might say “Aren’t you a little early?”).

So what happened? Laziness I just got too busy and time got away from me. It will be out the second week of December.

On a related note – related because we’re talking about letters and this song title has the word “reply” in it – I recently discovered to my horror that I’ve been singing one of my favorite songs wrong for the past 30+ years. Nothing makes sense anymore.

It’s not “all the excess here,” it’s “all the exits sealed.”

Have a great Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for patient subscribers.

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