I Can’t Tell You Why

Is it weird that when I hear the name Glenn Frey, I think of his solo stuff/Miami Vice before The Eagles? Of course I think of The Eagles too, the brain synapses clicking everything into focus rather quickly, but before The Eagles I actually think of “Smuggler’s Blues” and “You Belong To The City” and his appearance on Miami Vice. You can tell I was formed by the 80s in many ways.

I can’t say I was the biggest fan of the band. Sure, I remember many nights listening to “Hotel California” and “Witchy Woman” while a certain type of smoke billowed all around us and really loving it – if you’re of a certain age The Eagles greatest hits were a big part of your life – but they’re not a band I still listen to. You move on from certain bands, even if a song here and there gets you thinking about things again. My favorite Eagles song – by far – isn’t even sung by Frey or Don Henley. It’s sung by Timothy B. Schmit.

That’s a beautiful song, and they’re flawless musicians.

It snowed the other day. Not a big storm but enough to say you shoveled and had to put down rock salt. More coming this weekend and it’s supposed to be major. I’ll try to get The Letter out by then!

3 thoughts on “I Can’t Tell You Why

  1. This is my first time commenting here; it’s always on the POST website until now. I’m kind of glad that your personal favorite Eagles song is from ‘The Long Run’ in 1979. It’s an underrated, under appreciated album, and it’s a miracle it ever got made. Following up Hotel California was like trying to follow up the ’57 Chevy Bel-Air, only worse. The pressure and problems were overwhelming, and the band was lucky to get through the ’79-’80 Long Run Tour before breaking up later in 1980.

    I saw the Eagles at the Inglewood Forum in February 1980, but didn’t know it was the end until 1982 when I read about the breakup in the Sunday Calendar section of the L.A. Times, when Don Henley’s first album was about to come out. I thought the change was right for the times, and both Don and Glenn had the cutting-edge sound, style and look that was perfect for the ’80s; a drastically different decade than the ’70s. Glenn’s two songs you mentioned, with Don’s ‘Dirty Laundry’ and ‘Sunset Grill’ exemplify this.

    ‘The Long Run’ had a lot of great songs on it. Although I also like ‘I Can’t Tell You Why’ and ‘Heartache Tonight’, my personal favorites are ‘The Sad Cafe’, ‘Those Shoes’ and ‘The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks’. The album, in hindsight, kind of foreshadowed the ’80s with songs like ‘Shoes’ and ‘Greeks’ that were forward sounding and were nothing like anything they’d ever done before.

    It wasn’t too long ago I learned the Eagles had released a new album in 2007, now over 8 years ago. There were never any of the new songs played on KLOS or other stations that play new and vintage rock music. The same is true with The Cars and their 2011 album ‘Move Like This’ which I DID know about at the time. Nothing on the radio from it, which is a shame. It’s an excellent album with Ric Ocasek once again after several years of The New Cars revival with Todd Rundgren. (I saw them at The House of Blues on Sunset). The new songs were great, combining a fresh sound with the classic Cars sound we love so much.

    The majority of Eagles songs I still like, and most have aged well. I just heard ‘James Dean’ the other day and it’s still great. An example of one I might change the dial on is ‘One of These Nights’. I occasionally incorporate some lines from classic songs in comments I make. I did just that on a POST Halloween covers feature in October citing ‘Witchy Woman’; not enough to be obvious though.

    I’m still going to make comments on ‘News of the Week’, but here I can send you a link (I hope) that
    combines Glenn Grey, the Eagles and handwriting. You’ll see how important handwriting is, as it’s one of the key stars of the show.

    I have comments on it under my mom’s maiden surname, so you’ll see ‘Bob Pierce’. Click the replies because I made a small correction.

  2. “New Kid in Town” was the first release off of ‘Hotel’ in Dec. ’76 and one of the best from the album. It was all Frey, which may explain why it was released first. I see you watched the incredible video of this thought provoking, haunting song. I told you the handwritten style logo was one of the most prominent, important and beautiful features of it. Metal Messiah is a creative genius in my opinion, actually using technology and editing to create a masterpiece of art that was not possible 40 years ago. I made some other comments on the POST site about handwriting subsequently.

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