Cold shower

Did you hear the one about the guy whose water heater broke late at night? That’s not the start of a joke.

The other night, around 11pm, I muted the volume on my television because I was doing something that needed my full attention. I heard something like water trickling down, but it was raining so I assumed that it was just the rain splashing against a window or the front door. It didn’t sound exactly like that though so I investigated further. Opened the closet door and, hey, water coming out of the top of the water heater and collecting on the floor! Fun!

Called the landlord and he came over and shut everything off. Got a new water heater installed the next day, but not before having to take a cold-water-only shower that morning. If you can call a few drips coming out of the shower head taking a shower. It was North Pole cold – to the point my head actually started to ache – and really ineffective. You can’t rinse a head full of shampoo with drips. Ended up finishing up my shower in the bathroom sink.

It reminded me of when I was a kid. I didn’t have a shower until I was around 21. Don’t be snarky, I mean we always had bathtubs and I took baths. Looking back now I don’t know how we did that.

It’s snowing right now. Supposed to get 4 to 8 inches. Snow on Monday too and then another storm on Tuesday. Like my hot water, winter is back. New column up. Have a good weekend.

One thought on “Cold shower

  1. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I always have to test the temperature with my hand first. Having an insufficient amount of water only compounded the torture. Hopefully it’s fixed now.

    Having a warm bath in the tub is nice before going to sleep, especially with Eucalyptus-scented Epsom salts. I’ve had good luck finding sacks of those at the Dollar Tree.

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