I’ve been called a lot of things in my life – and this is where you would insert your very funny joke! – everything from “buddy” and “dearie” and “dude” to “sport,” “pal,” and “kiddo.” I can even remember a “sweetie” or two, though I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a “champ.”

Today as I was paying for a new pair of sneakers, the clerk decided to call me “honey.” She was 19 or 20, somewhat Taylor Swift-ian, and except for those I’ve been romantic with I don’t remember anyone under the age of 55 ever calling me “honey” before. That’s one of those terms of endearment you might get from a grandmother or an older, wise, gruff-but-kind waitress who has seen it all (I’ve been called honey and dearie by many of those). What would make a 20 year-old call a man of 50 “honey?” Even a man of 40, if she thought that was my age? (I like to think I can still pass for 40.)

On a related note, this song used to make me bawl my eyes out every time I heard it when I was a kid.

3 thoughts on “Honey

  1. This is the best thing I’ve read all day. A young woman born in the mid-90’s calling you “honey”. I think she likes you Bob, unless it’s just a sweet, old-fashioned endearing term she has for men in general; then that’s different. Nevertheless it’s pretty cool.

    When I’ve been to some diners in small central and northern California towns in my 50s (2007-2017), I’ve been called ‘hun’ (short for honey) and ‘darlin’, be it in the booth or at the counter. These were women born between 1984-’91 I’d say. It’s especially endearing coming from young women of this generation. I’ll have to add some thoughts in the new ‘News’ POST column on the younger folk who don’t know or want to know anything other than the sad, meaningless, nothingnesss of ‘right now’.

    Meanwhile I want to hear that you really liked it when she called you that, right?

    1. I’ve been called “hun” by a lot of waitresses too, though they tended to be older, in their 50s or 60s (this was when I was in my 20s-40s).

      I guess I did like it when the clerk said it to me today, though it did catch me off guard. Even better was the fact the sneakers were on sale.

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