Thank God there’s a Shaw’s in town

Some days you’re not sure what you’re going to write about, and then you make a trip to the Stop & Shop.

I’m going down an aisle, minding my own business, shopping cart full of chicken and potato chips and rice pilaf and Metamucil, and I decide to grab a gallon jug of spring water. I immediately notice that the safety tab is missing. In other words, it’s open. I obviously don’t want any customers accidentally buying it because they didn’t see it was open so I take the gallon jug and put it on the floor in the corner.

I go to the register – like most days at Stop & Shop the place is packed and they only have one register open and there are nine people ahead of me and they refuse to open another register, which is a rant for another day – and I tell the clerk about the open water jug that’s on the floor. He says OK and thinks that maybe someone dropped it on the floor and the cap came off and they just left it on the shelf. I tell him that the cap’s not off, somebody actually took the plastic safety tab off of it. He sarcastically says “Oh, you made it sound like the whole cap was off!” Actually, I didn’t make it sound like that at all. You just assumed. And you know what happens when you assume.

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to point out something at this store, and it’s getting to the point where I shouldn’t even bother, but that doesn’t hurt the store at all it just hurts any potential customer who might buy something they shouldn’t.

Of course, I have no expectation that they’re actually going to remember (or care about) the open water jug. It’s not really important to them. So in short: if you go to a certain Stop & Shop in Massachusetts – a “Super” location, though that point is debatable – and find a gallon of water on the floor, check to see if it’s OK.

Before I leave the clerk asks me if I have my Stop & Shop discount card. I don’t have a Stop & Shop discount card. I’ve had the same exact conversation with this clerk at least 25 times in the past year. You know you can save money with the discount card, right? Yes, I’m familiar with the concept of “discounts” and “cards.” I just don’t want to bother with another damn card in my wallet. Also, every other clerk at this store puts in the store card for customers that don’t have them. You don’t. Why, I don’t know, except maybe because you’re a douchenozzle? Every time I see this guy at the register I want to go to another but today…well, see the third paragraph above.

Luckily there’s a Shaw’s in town. I like shopping there. They take care of things when you point something out to them, they got rid of their discount cards, and they open a new register when everyone’s ice cream starts to melt.

3 thoughts on “Thank God there’s a Shaw’s in town

  1. I can relate to so much in this column about shopping. It does seem like no good deed goes unpunished or unappreciated. You were being thoughtful and helpful by putting that water bottle apart from the rest. The clerk was a jerk.

    The whole discount/rewards card thing is ridiculous. I’ve racked up x number of points at Rite-Aid yet haven’t really saved any money. The worst is one long check out line where you’ve been waiting and waiting then a new one is opened and people who haven’t been waiting get checked out right away.

    I also tend to pick lines that look good, look like they’ll be quick, but NOOOO; there’s some kind of complicated “problem” and I see people who got in line way after me get checked out. I kinda hate that—especially when there’s just a couple of items I want to buy. Oh, here’s another one. Sometimes if I have a lot of stuff, I’ll let people with one or two items go ahead of me. I actually offer it. What bothers me is when I’m not offered the same courtesy when I have one or two items, and am refused even when I ask politely. Yeah, I don’t like that. Truthfully I hate it.

    Anyway, now we get to the April 22nd ‘News of the Week’ and I have things I want to say but can’t as the comment section isn’t there. If you could talk to Steve Harman and get that fixed Bob, that would be great.

    1. I’ll check on the comment section problem. Thanks for the heads up.

      I was in a line this week and the woman in front of me was a dollar short, so she had to have her son run out to the car to her husband to get another dollar. That held up the line quite a bit. I would have just given her the buck but I didn’t realize what was going on at first.

      1. I soooo would have done that also if I’d known that was the problem; I mean c’mon, please! On Saturday I AGAIN picked the wrong line at The Dollar Tree. It looked like a good line (they always do!) until the woman in front of me had the cashier have to leave the the register to blow up about 6 Mylar balloons! Peachy, Bob. Fortunately the wait was short

        About two years ago I had a rare stubborn headache, and (my bad) was out of Excedrin or rather the generic equivalent. This was the evening before Valentine’s Day Bob, at my local Dollar Tree. The lines on the 2 out of 4 open lines were backed up to the back of the store. Again it was largely due to the filling of Mylar balloons.

        I found the ‘Assured’ brand equivalent, and had $1.10 in my golf shirt pocket to pay it. I could tell that I couldn’t just leave the $1.10 with the cashier and say it’s for “this” and walk out the store. I knew I’d be told I’d have to get in line with everyone else. SO…I just put it in my pocket and walked out.

        Two days later when the store was virtually dead, bought a couple of gallons of Crystal Geyser and told the cashier there was one item I realized later I wasn’t charged for recently, and to please accept this $1.10 I knew I owed. She said “that’s okay, sir” and I just said ‘just take this, I’ll feel better’. She then put it in the register drawer. I no longer felt like a shoplifter.

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