A reminder…

Just a quick note to point you to the weekly column I write for The Saturday Evening Post. This week I write about texting in movie theaters, Elvis Presley, a Harry Potter game come to life, and how Michael Buble has a lot of trouble eating corn on the cob.

In the column I posted a video – which I also put up at PBJ – of the 2004 Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame tribute to George Harrison, an all-star band playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Prince plays the solo and, holy cow, he just owns it (and he knows it). Truly an incredible performance.

3 thoughts on “A reminder…

  1. The April 22nd POST column is particularly good, I’d like to make some comments but can’t due to a screw up (somehow) of the normal forum not being there. I know the POST has a section for quick Twitter comments, which is fine, but not my thing–at all. I hope it’s fixed soon, tick tock of the clock for this week…

    Meanwhile I put in some comments on Shakespeare and Sid Ceasar, the latter of which was never on the 5 choice carousel, but last week’s ‘News of the Week’ still is.

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