The Case of the Mysterious Nut

It’s not up there with a Sherlock Holmes or Perry Mason mystery, but it’s still baffling.

I often use a one of those lapdesk things, the ones with the bean bag bottom and plastic top you set your laptop on when you’re typing on your lap – even when I’m using my Macbook on the coffee table (it raises it up a bit). The other day I got the lapdesk and placed it on the coffee table, and then I placed my Macbook on top of it. Suddenly, a nut (of the “nuts and bolts” variety, not pistachio or macadamia) falls out of the…well, I don’t know where from…hits the table and rolls on to the floor. That’s the mystery. It either came from my computer or from the lapdesk. But that’s pretty much impossible. This was a rather big nut, black and around the size of a dime, and I can’t see how it could have come from either of those things. It’s like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and all of a sudden a nail falls out of it. Sure, they might both exist in your home but it still doesn’t make any sense that they’d be together.

One idea I had was that maybe it came from the area where I store the lapdesk and computer. But it just…can’t. There’s nothing in that area like that, I do this same routine every single day, and the last time I had a nut in my hand was many years ago (please get your mind out of the gutter).

New column up, if you haven’t read it yet. By sheer coincidence, I talk about Peanuts.

One thought on “The Case of the Mysterious Nut

  1. It sounds to me like this ‘nut’ might not be that important. Keep it in a safe place for now. If both devices work okay without it, then I wouldn’t worry. You probably checked the bottoms of both, and nothing was missing. If you take one or the other in for repairs though, take the nut with you and ask if it goes with it.

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