3 thoughts on “The Middle

  1. I love ‘The Middle’ as well, and this is the best article ever written about it. I think there’s politics involved (for example) with ‘Modern Family’ winning best comedy over and over again. Would it REALLY continue winning like that if it didn’t feature a gay couple? Ummmmm, no.

    One of the funniest things on ‘The Middle’ over the past several years is that Sue’s boyfriend has fallen into that category and everybody knows it except her. Another nice thing there is that they let it speak for itself and don’t make any kind of a big deal over it. The opposite can be said for ‘The Real O’Neals’ where that seems to be the center piece of the entire show. In the end it’s just another gimmick, which is sad.

    Not to repeat your remarks on why each of the cast members is perfect, I have to commend Patricia Heaton in her role as the mother. She’s superb as the harried, stressed-out mother in the fast-paced, thoroughly broken down mess this country is today. She does her best and triumphs over the degrading disasters she has to face, and does so with her head held high—most of the time.

    Frankie Heck IS the exact counterpart to the 1950’s TV Moms for the times we live in now. In both cases they’re tailored for TV, but aren’t too far off the mark. Frankie hits the mark more closely in her un-idealization.

    You also mentioned ‘Friends’ in the feature. I never cared for the show. It always felt ‘forced’ and had a heavy reliance on lame sex jokes. I always liked ‘Caroline in the City’ with Leah Thompson a lot better, and ‘Ellen’ with Jeremy Piven and Joely Fisher as well before it was ruined being centered on Ellen’s sexuality. I saw a re-run of one of the older shows recently and had forgotten what a funny show it was, and how funny she was. Sadly it brutally showed how she’s morphed into the unfunny, present-day robotic celebrity ass kissing talk show hostess she is now.

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