At the hospital lab, waiting to have my blood drawn. Big guy comes out of the bathroom with his sample. He stands in front of the nurse’s station. There’s a tray right in front of him where you’re supposed to put the little cups when you’re done, but he’s just standing there holding it. The nurse comes out and the guy says to her, “I hope this is enough!” She says that it’s fine and he can just put it on the tray.

I wonder if he really wanted to say to her, “If you want, I can make more you know!”

We know. We know.

I’m working on The Letter right now. It’s coming soon. I know I’ve promised this approximately three other times but several different things have conspired against me. Expect it the first week of June.

Have a great weekend and Memorial Day (and read my new piece at Esquire if you haven’t yet).

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