Suddenly it was an episode of Dr. Phil

At the supermarket this weekend:

Clerk at register (eyeing a bowl I’m buying): “This is a good size bowl. I bought one this size for my son for his cereal.”

Me: “I bought it for ice cream. Nothing healthy.”

Clerk (not laughing at my line): “This is just like the bowl I took with me when I escaped my abusive father.”

As people on the web say a lot…that escalated quickly.

I need to write a book titled Strange Things Always Happen To Me At The Supermarket. Because strange things always happen to me at the supermarket.

3 thoughts on “Suddenly it was an episode of Dr. Phil

  1. I’d love it if you wrote a book titled ‘Strange Things Always Happen To Me At The Supermarket’, Bob. I’ll buy it as soon as it becomes available. I’ve had strange things happen too, but more often than not, it’s frustration the one thing I need to go to the store FOR is the one thing they’re out of, or don’t have. I love being told they JUST ran out of whatever!

    I also don’t like it when I’m generous in letting people with one or two items go ahead of me, and I’m never offered the same courtesy when I have only one or two items. The person in front of me has a whole carton full of stuff, but no… of course not! I don’t like to HAVE to ask, but (damn it) I will, and am actually refused sometimes! This would make such good material for Larry David—-but you’re going to beat him to the punch. PLEASE write this book.

    By the way, I do stock up on stuff I need so I rarely have to make special trips for specific things.

  2. Oh there’s that too. I’m almost always the one who has to reach for the dividers to put in front and back of my items. I don’t mind that so much as long as I’m not stuck in a line where the person in front of me has a time consuming problem I didn’t know about when I laid everything out. Of course when at almost all times there’s only one or two checkout counters open, you don’t have much choice.

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