Old Ripped Jeans and New Cargo Shorts

That could be a country song.

Shorts season has arrived. I’ve been dreading the warm weather and now it’s here. I’m not a shorts guy. I like cold weather and hot drinks and long pants and jackets and closed windows. But it’s June and this is what I have to put up with, so I went to Target and I bought two new pairs of shorts. They don’t have a huge selection there – I think in general they skew younger – so I had to buy cargo shorts with lots of pockets. I’m not a cargo-shorts-with-lots-of-pockes sort of guy, but I can deal with them for three months.

And these aren’t just pockets. According to the label they’re “TECH POCKETS!” That’s right, these things are so modern and high-tech (they use Velcro) that you can keep things inside beyond your wallet and keys, like your smart phone and iPod. I’m just going to keep my wallet and keys in them, maybe a small notebook. I just hope that I’m not breaking any laws by using low-tech things in my high-tech shorts.

The buying of the shorts came at a good time, actually. My jeans wore out. I don’t think I’ve had this happen to me in years, a big hole opening up at the knee and the rear disintegrating. Are Levi’s not made the same way? I walked around the past week with the knee hole visible and getting bigger, the white shredded threads very obvious. But then I figured, hey, don’t all the cool kids wear jeans with holes in them? I remember there was a time when you could actually buy brand new jeans with the holes already in them, in case you weren’t sure if the jeans would wear out themselves but you still wanted to look hip.

Is wearing jeans with holes in them still a thing, or am I dating myself?

One thought on “Old Ripped Jeans and New Cargo Shorts

  1. Bob, love this article. I think you’re truly an East coast man at heart. It sounds like you’re not that happy with the new shorts you’ve bought. Just wear them when it’s so hot you have to, and not the rest of the time. Just because it’s “the summer” doesn’t mean you have to, unless the heat really dictates it. Living in L.A. there are a lot of 90-100+ degree days coming that will last well into October. I have lighter color/fabric slacks that are cooler when it’s hot and don’t want to wear shorts.

    I don’t buy that much at Target; it’s significantly higher priced than Walmart. I’m not a cheapskate, but I NEVER spend more than I have to either. Target still has a “cache” in a lot of people’s minds, but I think Walmart has closed the gap with their product line and image re-make over the past 10 years. I also go to Burlington Coat factory for my high end Italian clothes, shoes, cuff links and bottles of my favorite cologne—Eternity of course, for half the department store price. Then there’s the garment district Downtown. I’ll slum it for a few hours there if the prices are right.

    I don’t like ‘cargo pants’ that much either. The whole tech thing is just another gimmick; just use them for what you’d normally use pockets for. As far as Levi’s go, I think the quality went south quite a few years ago, unfortunately. I’m not sure if wearing jeans with holes in them is still an in thing or not. Perhaps what started the trend ? number of years ago was the jeans just wore out prematurely, and it caught on by accident as “a look” like so many other stupid things.

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