Thanks Dad(s)

I never really knew my father – he passed away when I was still a baby – so I’d like to thank all of the other dads who helped raise me:

Sheriff Andy Taylor
Ward Cleaver
Rob Petrie
Mike Brady
Lucas McCain
Tom Bradford
Charles Ingalls
Tom Corbett

One thought on “Thanks Dad(s)

  1. I’m sorry you lost your dad when you were still a baby. He would have been proud of your success as as a writer and surely would have enjoyed your columns. You made some good selections here as far as TV dads go.

    Although ‘Little House on the Prairie’ didn’t start (Sept. ’74) until I was already 17, it was and is a favorite series. Michael Landon was one of the best. Sheriff Taylor and Ward Cleaver are too. I also have seen most of these shows in re-runs.

    The fact is their discipline combined with love and common sense is more timely today than it was then since we don’t have that anymore in this country, really, and are paying a terrible price in so many ways as a result. The closest we have today in a good TV dad is Mike Heck.

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