Random Thoughts

1. I miss Mitt Romney.

2. Classified ad for a writer I came across today:

Are you glued to Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat? Can list all of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends?

No, and…no.

3. One other thing I hate about summer (not to bore you with it again, but it’s a hatred I go into detail about here, here, and here) is that there aren’t many food choices. What do I want to eat in July and August? Nothing, really. I’ll go through the motions with a salad or a sandwich, followed by a couple of Popsicles. Yay? There’s no joy. In the fall and winter you can eat big plates of pasta and hearty soups and chilis and big chicken dishes and breads and you can actually turn on your stove.

Hot weather is for “eating something light.” Cold weather is for meals.

4. Things I actually have enjoyed this summer: Marshall Crenshaw released a collection of his latest singles that were originally only available on vinyl (with the great song “I Don’t See You Laughing Now”); The Typewriter Revolution, a book by Richard Polt; and American PIckers, the History Channel show where Mike and Frank search the country for cool collectibles. I also finally saw Devil in a Blue Dress the other night (hey, it only came out 21 years ago) and really liked it. Too bad they didn’t make more Easy Rawlins movies.

5. I was trapped in my bathroom for a minute today. The rug outside the door got bunched up and I couldn’t open the door. Not even enough to squeeze through. I had visions of being trapped in there for days, living on only tap water and toothpaste, until I was eventually rescued and became a web meme and an inspirational TV movie was made about me.

At this point I’d probably be played by Jason Alexander.


One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. I really hope you haven’t had heat as high as 105-107 in MA. This is what I’ve been living with in Northwest L.A., which is even worse when there are the fires further North (Santa Clarita) that have been burning out of control for several days. It burns your eyes. I definitely need more Visine.

    The foods you describe sound great and delicious. Sometimes when it actually does get cold out here, I like a more traditional ‘heavier’ type meal as well; sometimes even waffles for dinner at IHOP with butter and blueberry syrup, though maple is still my favorite—of course. Light eating is more the norm out here, partly because it’s hot so much of the time, or at least too warm.

    Truth be told, the only things I liked about summer ended a long time ago. It meant I didn’t have to go to school for close to 3 months, and my Mom used to take us over to the BIG Olympic-sized swimming pool in Sherman Oaks with the cool diving boards. I loved the deep water, and diving to the bottom!

    I really hope you’re getting better sleep at night. I know I hate waking up tired. It HAS happened where I’ve called in ‘sick’ when truthfully I needed a ‘zonk out’ day of sleep! I don’t do that very often; I can’t—and don’t.

    Sorry about your getting locked in the bathroom with that unfortunate rug and bathroom door convergence. It does sound sort of like something that would happen to George Costanza. Finding the right actor to play me in a film would be more difficult. He’d have to look like a cross between Christian Slater and (much youger) Jack Nicholson, with personality traits of Jeremy Piven. Enough people have told me I remind them of them—but they’re 3 guys, not one. Damn, I gotta get to sleep now!

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