Hey look, a poll!

I’ve been thinking a lot about technology lately and was wondering: what technology could I live without? So here’s a poll. If you had to do without one forever, which would it be?

(I think I know what the #1 answer is going to be, but let’s do it anyway.)


4 thoughts on “Hey look, a poll!

  1. Landline phone is too easy to choose. You should remove it as many no longer have a landline phone. As for the cell, I see so many that are addicted to it. I went to a restaurant once with friends for lunch. We pass by a table with 2 women sitting there. Both on the phone. One of my friends asked if they were talking to each other.

    1. The landline answer was the one I was most interested in, so I had to include it. I had a feeling most people would pick it because so many people use cells now they often get rid of it.

      I’m never getting rid of my landline, not until the phone police come to my apartment and rip it out of the walls! I write about it here (https://sassone.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/yes-i-still-need-a-landline/).

      (By the way, “Phone Police” should be a new CBS show, maybe starring Gary Sinese and Emily Procter.)

  2. Mr. Mayor, it’s probably a 90% likelihood they were talking to each other from across the table or next to each other. I’ve seen it myself in restaurants. I reluctantly, did pick the landline phone in Bob’s poll.

    I have an iPhone 5-s (and a company gas card) through work, but I’d never spend the money on one otherwise and the monthly bill—forget it. As a PHONE, I like it so I’m reachable to others and if I really need to make a call out and about, I can. I do NOT like having serious and/or long conversations on it! If a friend calls I’ve been trying to reach, I’ll make a rare exception. Otherwise I find out when’s a good time for me to call them back when I get home, and am not on my cellphone.

    Why? because if at least one person is NOT on a landline when talking, you get the dreaded “no, you go ahead, no YOU go ahead” annoyance from the split second time gaps. Then there’s the call degenerating into one on the cell phone sounding like he or she’s underwater, then the high risk of the call just simply being dropped all together in mid-sentence, then happening again and again when you call back!
    There’s also the fact I don’t like the idea of keeping something up to my ear/head that may be emitting radiation! The heat they generate may suggest it’s best to use them in moderation and not as an extended body part.

    So, I think I’ve mentioned more than enough reasons why the landline is still important, actually more so NOW due to what I said above. As for movies and YouTube videos, the i-phone’s kind of fun for finding new stuff (when I’m in a waiting room for example) for me to watch on my desktop at home in a size and format I can enjoy. Karen, I hope you haven’t had the problems I mentioned in my third paragraph not having a landline, but I somehow doubt it. The iPhone can do a lot of things, but much of it not all that great. Jack of all trades, master of none. The “camera” feature taking endless, ‘selfies’ that are completely meaningless, forgettable and disposable. That’s certainly material for another tech column.

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